The First Birthday

Wow time went so fast!

Have you be left in a daze at how quickly time has passed in the last year?

First birthdays are one of those incredible milestones that we love to celebrate. It gives us a chance to recall the hurdles, the new experiences, and the joy that the last year has brought with it.

If you are looking for some great ideas to hold a birthday bash for your little one you might like the ideas that Whitney Moss shared on I loved their idea of a reusable banner. They created a custom banner and had it printed at Minted. The results, well, you’ll just have to see them for yourself.

Painting the Baby’s Nursery

We’ve looked at a number of different ways that you can prepare the nursery for your new bundle of joy. You will also find a number of different paint suppliers on this page that will give you at least some ideas when it comes to painting the room with friendlier paint.

The following video will give you some ideas on how to do it in a eco-friendly way.

There are a lot of different things that you need to look at when you plan your child’s room. Starting with the bare walls is a good way to ensure that you get things right from the beginning.

As an added bonus I wanted to include this timelapse of a really creative nursery. The background mountains are sure to fascinate and enchant the child for many years to come.

The Baby Blues, Postpartum Depression

This short video from the Mayo Clinic talks a bit about the baby blues or postpartum depression. It is reported that about 70% to 80% of women in the US suffer from some form of sadness after birth. The blues can be as little as a couple of minutes each day ranging up to several hours. The condition usually goes away after about two weeks.

Still post postpartum depression can appear in about 10% of mothers. When diagnosed it can be successfully treated through group therapy.

In this video they talk shortly about the the condition and give you better insight into the “baby blues” or postpartum depression.

Further reading: American Journal of Psychiatry

Gender Neutral

Many people cringe when they hear the words gender neutral like it is some sort of taboo. But there isn’t anything taboo about gender neutral. In fact the truth of the matter is that gender neutral is very much a beloved option for designing everything from the baby shower to planning the nursery.

But what is gender neutral? And how do you achieve a truly neutral room for your child to grow and develop into the person that they really are? The steps are at their very heart quite simple. They do not require a lot of work. In fact when you plan to let your child develop in a gender neutral environment you are giving them a chance to mature without secondary influences that are encouraging them to be one way or the other.

This video is a good example of what a gender neutral nursery might look like.

Many parents will have horror visions at this point. Dreading that the room may look empty and cold. But that couldn’t be any further from the truth. A room that is truly neutral isn’t void of warmth, no, it radiates warmth and love. Just look at the combinations that have been created here. I could imagine many of you would even want something this cozy for your own room.

When you go neutral you aren’t limiting your child. When done in measure you are simply avoiding a lot of the stereotypes and predefined roles that out society puts on us from a very young age.

Top 10 Baby Names for Boys and Girls 2016

Are your searching for the ideal baby name? Then you might find this small list handy. There are a lot of different names that appear every year, but by browsing the top ten list you can get a feeling for names that are widely appreciated. This list gives you the top ten most popular names for girls and boys this year. And while is only the ten most popular names you can find inspiration and draw ideas for it. Of course you will find the traditional names like Noah and Emma, but there are also options like Mason and Harper.

Rank Male name Female name
1 Noah Emma
2 Liam Olivia
3 Mason Sophia
4 Jacob Ava
5 William Isabella
6 Ethan Mia
7 James Abigail
8 Alexander Emily
9 Michael Charlotte
10 Benjamin Harper

If you would like to view more baby names I also have a much larger list that will give you even more great ideas.