About Love Coup

Hi, my name is Simone and you are browsing my site, Love Coup.

The goal for Love Coup is to provide a valuable resource for new mothers as well as those of you who are in waiting.

Having your first child is much the same as having the second or third, the only difference is that you can anticipate some of the different surprises that might lay in your path.

A baby is bundle of joy for new parents and experienced ones alike.

The purpose of my site is to celebrate the blessing that you have been given and provide you with a fun and humorous resource that might not prepare you for the different challenges that you might face, but give you a small reprieve, lighting reading, and sometimes tips or information that you might not know about.

There are a lot of different sections of the site that will be interesting for different sets of parents.

So no matter if you are planning a baby shower, expecting your first child or your fifth, need tips about changing diapers, or you’re just looking for a place that understands what you’re going through, Love Coup might just be what you are looking for.