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I usually look at the different stages of life in the form of special occasions. Now I know what some of you might be saying, but here is the logic that I employ here. When I turned 21 everybody acted like it was this huge milestone, and I suppose it was. But not for the same reason they were thinking. You see I wasn’t like the majority of my friends and the big party left me sober. But ever since then I have seen the milestone come and go and they are all accompanied by some form of celebration.

These celebrations take on a new importance when you start raising a family. For one they come in much quicker instances. When you begin to add children to the picture they come even quicker. And pretty soon your see yourself scooting from one to the other in a fluid transition.

This really becomes apparent when you celebrate the baby shower.

Now you know how I look at things. You will see the site is structured around the different aspects of starting a family. Celebrating the different achievements and milestones that you will reach along the way while you raise your family.

All the while you will have the chance to grow as a person learning new information that will allow you to be a better parent.

The A-Zs of Family

Of course this is too broad of a topic to cover here all at once. That is why a lot of this site is dedicated to providing you with material that will be informative at different stages of the journey. I wish I had half of the resources that are available now.

The ability to access information on about just about every topic will save you a lot of time and money when you have a question. When you once needed to purchase books from respected sources you can now browse these same sources online at their websites.

Each stage of your child’s development, from inside the womb to their first year and beyond will be filled with a lot of questions. Ones that will be easy to answer and those that will send you distressed to your pediatrician.

Most parents are uncertain about what the future holds. They are also excited. The prospect of helping their child develop fills them with excitement and pride.

These moments are the A-to-Zs of starting and raising a family.

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The Occasions

When you first find out that you are pregnant you will be overwhelmed. At least that is what most of us feel. You are pregnant, a baby is growing inside of you. Your breath supplies your unborn child with oxygen. Your body nourishes her and allows her to grow. And this little miracle is one that even the best prepared will find challenging at least once in a while. You will be amazed at all of the different surprises this brings with it.

As you know there will be a number of different stages, different adjustments and different celebrations that will come and go.

Baby Showers

The baby shower is probably one of those celebrations that you can really start to feel the pressure of the impending birth. They are usually take place two months to a couple of weeks before the birth of your child. Many women will note that the attention from family and friends will begin to intensify after this point. Since the purpose of the baby shower is to give your closest circle of family and friends a chance to help.

And you will be surprised how much help you will receive.

A baby shower is a community building activity, one that gives everyone a chance to shower you with their love and support. And when you think that this can feel overwhelming you’re right. That is because of the special nature of the shower. You’re waiting, nobody knows this better than you, but others are waiting. They might not be as excited as you are, they might not have the same fears that have left you sleepless some night, they can’t imagine what it is like (unless they have been pregnant themselves), nor can they can’t help you during delivery. But they don’t need to. Their concern, compassion, and joy will be felt as they celebrate with you at your baby shower.

Baby Sprinkles

I wanted to mention quickly that if you don’t feel comfortable with all of the attention (or extravagance) you may be getting at the shower there is another option that may be a better fit. While it might not be as well know as a baby shower, the baby sprinkle offers the same opportunities for you to join with your family and friends and celebrate the arrival your child.

So what makes a shower so special? Is it the baby sprinkle invitations that are as cute as a button? You can find a number of invite styles that will give you an idea of what you can expect from the sprinkle. Here are a couple of examples. But you could also just as easily craft a set yourself.

While it might sound like you are letting the guests down if you ask for a sprinkle in stead of a shower, remember that it isn’t about the size of the celebration it is about the chance to shower you and the baby with love and support.

Birth Announcements

Of course everyone at the baby shower or sprinkle as well as family and friends that weren’t able to come will be waiting patiently or impatiently for the birth announcement.

This is when the birth announcement is called for. This card gives you a chance to share the great news with everyone. The design varies from a simple invitation style to one that resembles something similar to a greeting card.

One of the things that I think this tradition symbolizes, at least for me is the act of welcoming your child into the group. It acts as a formal introduction to the child’s new relatives, both close and distant, and gives you a way to share the news in a cute way. It also gives you the chance to complete yet another milestone in your path.

But now that baby is there you will be amazed at how easy the pregnancy seemed in comparison.

The First Birthday

A first birthday is as much about celebrating your child’s first year of life as much as it is your own success. A newborn is a wonder.

You will be surprised how quickly it has grown from that little bundle of joy that you held in your arms to the inquisitive and active baby that you see before you now.

The first birthday can be as small or as large as you like. Many new parents will choose to celebrate with a close knit group, one that can appreciate just how large of a hurdle the last year was. It is a chance for you to relate some of the ups, express your concerns of some of the down, and look forward to the year to come.

Once you have passed the first year marker you will be amazed how much easier everything else feels in comparison. By the time you reach the second birthday you will be well prepared for the different surprises that come with raising a toddler. The dreaded terrible-twos that you have heard about are over rated. By then your child is developing at an incredible rate and the joy that you can get from watching this process is one that can only be measured by a parent’s loving heart.


I focus on the family. I see the different stages of development that we make as parents, that our children make as individuals as milestones that we celebrate. A life is made of these milestones, we celebrate them with the ones that we care the most for and those that care for us. Some of these may seem like a lot of work to reach while others seem like they come with little effort at all.

To help you reach these I have tried to put together the resources you will need. Information you can refer back to and get a better understanding of the topic. A place to learn what you need to do and a cheatsheet so you know what is coming up around the next curve.

Each of the big milestones in a family’s life should be celebrated. The birth of a child through a shower or a baby sprinkle. A first birthday. And their achievements in life.

If you’re looking for some great places to get started here are a couple of the popular places to start.

There are a few of the resources that you will see referred to on the site from time to time. The Mayoclinic.org is one of them especially their exceptional resource about conception, prenatal care, and child birth.

But other sites like What to Expect‘s pregnancy material (including their classic) is also a good source of information for new parents.

So stay tuned for more from Love Coup!